"Communication and understanding are at the core of Motif."


Our Process – Home

Communication and understanding are at the core of Motif. We must understand our clients’ taste, style and needs in order to transform their visions into designs. We have developed a formula for successful interior decoration based on the completion of the following elements of communication with all clients.


An initial consultation takes place to outline the scope of the project and the client’s expectations.


A preliminary budget for the project is developed to be approved by the client. This budget serves as a guideline for the design project development enabling us to select and/or direct the client to purchase interior merchandise that is cost effective. At this point, to continue a design fee is collected.


Motif discusses with each client his or her “wish list” and vision for the project. This provides a framework for communication enabling our firm’s design consultants to research and create interiors that reflect the client’s lifestyle, personality, and are functional within each unique space.


Presentations of the contracted project include floor plans, which are inclusive of recommended furnishings, fabrics, colors and lighting.


Once the design has been approved a contract is signed and purchasing begins.